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Field Trips

On the 2nd of February the primary 4, 5 and 6 pupils went on a field trip to Fourah Bay College, to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival. The children had a great time as they explored in the cultural centre of the college, Chinese paper cutting arts, and martial arts performance.The primary 6 pupilsĀ  later attended a reception at the Chinese Embassy where they demonstrated the Chinese Martial Arts. It was fun being at the Chinese Spring Festival.

Our senior primary pupils were at another learning experience at the Irish Embassy Freetown on the 9th of March and they were welcomed by the Ambassador Ms. Sinead Walsh, her deputy Mr. John callaghan and member sof the Irish Aid team. The children learnt a lot about Ireland and one of ourĀ  pupil who is Irish performed an Irish jig to showcase a part of the Irish culture. The children had fun and presented a gift of thanks to the Irish Embassy.


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